Wedding Emergency Kit: Everything You Need the Day Of

Your wedding day is an unforgettable day filled with love, laughter, and a touch of the unexpected. To be ready for any surprise, prep an emergency kit. Here are the must-haves that every bride should have in her emergency arsenal. We recommend sending this to your maid of honor, screen shot our concise list at the bottom!

1. Beauty:

Start with the basics to keep your look flawless. Include items like blotting papers, a compact mirror, lipstick, bobby pins, hair spray, and a small bottle of fragrance. These items will help you maintain that picture-perfect glow throughout the day.

2. Fashion:

A bridal emergency kit isn’t complete without tools to address potential wardrobe malfunctions. Pack safety pins, a sewing kit, fashion tape, shears, anti-static spray, steamer, lint roller, and super glue for quick fixes on your dress or accessories. Long hours in heels can take a toll, so stash a pair of comfortable flats or sandals for those moments when you need a break. Additionally, include blister pads or band-aids to keep your feet happy as you dance the night away.

3. Health and Hygiene Helpers:

Prepare for the unexpected by packing pain relievers, antacids, and allergy medication. Toss in some deodorant, breath mints, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss for a quick freshen up after indulging in the wedding feast.

4. Technology:

Stay connected and capture every special moment by including charging cables and a power bank for your devices. Consider packing a bluetooth speaker or headphones to help ease any nervousness, too!

5. Weather:

Depending on the season and location, be prepared for unexpected weather changes. Tuck a compact umbrella, sunscreen, or even a mini fan into your kit to tackle any weather surprises.

6. Paperwork:

Keep essential documents close at hand. Bring your complimentary wedding planner and have a copy of your vows, vendor contacts, and an itinerary for the day. This will help keep everything organized and ensure that the day runs smoothly.

By assembling a bridal emergency kit filled with these essentials, you’ll be equipped to handle unexpected twists on your wedding day. Remember, preparation is the key to a stress-free celebration but do your best to flow and embrace the unexpected.